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9 minutes for 111 welds

POSTED 09/01/2022

Wheeling, IL-based Precision Zone, Inc. uses robots for its own production, and in addition, as an integrator, they install robots for its customers.

One of the products that Precision Zone manufactures is the Assembly Table. It consists of 7 major welded components. For example, the table base requires 111 welds.

Instead of days of programming, ABAGY generates robot trajectories for 111 welds in 9 minutes (100x faster). This happens automatically and does not require companies to keep a programmer on staff.

The automatic generation of programs in minutes, as well as the adaptability of robots to part deviations thanks to machine vision, makes it easy to switch from one product to another. This is essential for non-serial production.

So, Precision Zone can produce in their robotic cell any parts that can be placed in the work zone. It can be other assembly tables or any other equipment.

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