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Machine Vision Engineer

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Posted on 09/14/2021


Windsor, ON


The Machine Vision Engineer is responsible for integrating and supporting advanced machine vision and inspection technologies and solutions for a wide array of automated inspection applications. The incumbent works across a broad range of industries including Food and Beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Military, Aerospace, Packaging, Metal Casting and Consumer Products/Electronics across North America.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Technical Director, the duties and responsibilities of the Machine Vision Engineer include, but are not limited to, the following:

· On-site installation and programming of vision and automation equipment at customers facilities across North America, Mexico and potentially internationally;

· Evaluate, develop and implement vision application solutions

· Technical service and support of custom machine vision solutions, including phone support, troubleshooting hardware/software issues and documenting results;

· Assist with the development of solutions (to include Vision Guided Robotics) utilizing 2D and 3D machine vision technology, programming skills and creative thinking; and

· Troubleshoot and diagnose any problems with vision systems and communicate with superiors for solutions with complicated issues

· Skill development through formal and informal training relating to machine vision, controls, robotics and other automation systems.

· Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements

· Mechatronic, Electrical, Computer or other related technical degree/diploma with a keen interest and/or prior experience in machine vision, automation, robotics or programming;

· One (1) to two (2) years’ experience of assisting in programming vision equipment is considered an asset;

· Strong math and analytical skills;

· Ability to work with minimal supervision;

· Strong ability to communicate both written and verbal;

· Knowledge of PLC, electronics, robot programming and automation is an asset;

· Knowledge of computer programming including Microsoft Visual C# is considered a strong asset;

· The desire to work hard and be challenged by expanding knowledge and learning new technologies and applying them in a diversity of industries;

· Ability to travel across the US/Canada border;

· Able to meet the requirements of a TN Visa;

· Possess a valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle, as ability to travel with their own vehicle to the clients’ locations is a significant and inherent component of the job;

· Police clearance.

Key Relationships

This position interfaces with internal and external contacts:

· Internal: Technical Director, Machine Vision Engineers, Vice President, Project Manager

· External: Clients’ representatives

Working Conditions

· Possibility of extensive travel and field service durations;

· The Company follows a work schedule that’s tailored to meet its clients’ manufacturing needs (i.e. 7:00am to 4:00pm is a typical schedule during weekdays); therefore, the position requires to work on the aforementioned business hours and may be required to do some work in the evenings, outside normal working hours or on weekends;

· Able to work on a computer for long periods of time;

· Able to stand and/or walk for long periods of time;

· Required to work in a busy, open area plant and office which may result in constant interruptions;

· Required to spend long hours concentrating which will require attention to detail and high levels of accuracy; and

· Required to meet a number of deadlines which may cause stress.

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Vista Solutions Inc. is an advanced engineering and technology company providing turnkey vision inspection products and solutions to a diverse client and industry base including automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, consumer products, military and metal casting. Vista Solutions maintains an on-site, state-of-the-art laboratory facility complete with robotics, 2D and 3D smart camera vision systems, LED lights configurations, robotics, material handling and conveyance systems and advanced software for customs vision products and imaging development.

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