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Posted on 07/21/2021


Charlotte, NC



Highly skilled Electrician with extensive experience in building electrical panels, installing, and troubleshooting of electrical wiring, electronic components as required, hardware and equipment on robotic work cells and industrial automation systems.

Essential Functions

  • Using the electrical design package and the customer specifications, plan and co-ordinate the field wiring process of the automated equipment.  Ensure that DDS Standards are met through the panel building and wiring process.
  • Perform panel wiring, cell wiring and system wiring including installation of conduit and/or wire-way to the electrical design package, applicable to N.E.C. and N.F.P.A. regulations and customer specifications.
  • Create requisitions for materials such as wire, conduit and fittings, and other components.
  • Perform electrical testing, troubleshooting and verification to ensure that the automated equipment or system is functioning as it was designed to.
  • Troubleshoot production PLC’s, HMI systems, control panels and associated hardware.
  • Interpret electrical schematics and complex safety circuit networks.
  • Provide support during start-up / de-bug process, installation at customer facilities and acceptance testing.
  • Qualified to inspect and test/maintain plant capital equipment on the shop floor.
  • Perform electrical and automation equipment preventative maintenance work orders as needed.
  • Ability to interpret electrical and pneumatic schematics and complex safety networks.
  • Ensure accurate documentation for all electrical schematics.
  • Assist in training new team members.
  • Work with the Project Managers and other departmental teams to solve problems in order to provide the customer with a complete and functional system.
  • Must be able to successfully maintain customer delivery dates by adhering to the estimated project hours and schedule timeline.

Minimum Education & Experience

1.  High school diploma required.  Technical degree or certification as an Electrician preferred. 

2.  At least 5 years’ experience machine wiring, electrical wiring, troubleshooting and maintenance. Preference 

     is given to those with electronics, automated machine building, and/or robotics experience.  

3.  Hands-on electrical troubleshooting experience required. 

4.  Provides performance competency knowledge to perform the essential position functions. 

5.  Experience with HMI and PLC systems – relevant troubleshooting skills. 

6.  Experience with ControlLogix. 

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