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Posted on 10/12/2021


Emeryville, CA



Symbio Robotics is looking for an innovative leader with strong technical and people leadership skills to lead and grow our Computer Vision team.

Symbio Robotics’ Computer Vision team does new research to develop algorithms and solutions for controlling industrial robots based on camera images. The infrastructure and models built by the CV team help the robots perceive the world around them, and make real-time decisions to solve specific automation tasks. In addition, the team works to make these solutions part of a broader platform for application development.  The core of Symbio’s IP will continue to be expressed in our computer vision solutions and drive the success of our deployments out in the field.

We’re looking for an engineering leader to bring creative and strategic methods of working that lead to developing more vision solutions running in production for our customers. Just as important as developing new solutions will be generalizing existing solutions so they drive value for more customers in automotive manufacturing and additional industry verticals such as aerospace and electronics, and more.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Personal Traits

  • Leadership - energizing leader and people manager who mentors/ trains/ promotes
  • Engineering Chops - strong technically & strong on process
  • Adept at Hiring - great people want to work for you, and you can make hires for a startup even when the market for computer vision engineers is frothy
  • Inspiring - tells memorable stories about we’re we’re going, what we’ve done well, how we learn from mistakes
  • Culture - transparent, shares the good and the bad

Minimum Skills & Abilities


  • Build and lead Symbio’s computer vision organization. The goal of the team is to innovate new solutions that lead to code in production. Then generalize those solutions to sell more widely.
  • Success will be determined by results in the following areas: innovation, new IP created, team effectiveness, hiring, and the team’s ability to work across the entire engineering and product organizations to deliver applications for Symbio customers.
    • Innovation and Development of new IP
      • Research new computer vision methods for solving automation tasks based on manufacturing constraints
      • Be proactive in rigorous development and testing of algorithms to ensure reliability in a real production environment
    • Team Effectiveness
      • Expand the team’s capacity to innovate and deliver, both through hiring and process
      • Create an environment for all team members to be successful. What is the right ratio of PhDs to Software Engineers experienced at releasing code into production
      • Effectively work across the entire engineering and product teams to deliver applications
      • Establish good communication & process for application delivery and platform growth
    • Hiring and Managing
      • Grow the team from 3 to 9 in a year
      • Mentor and provide growth opportunities to each person on the team
      • Team Brand; work to create a “pull” in the market so that Symbio’s Computer Vision team can continue to compete for talent in a highly competitive market.

Bonus Points

  • You know a lot of accomplished, high performing people who will follow you places and/or sing your praises.
  • Interest in the Automotive Industry. We are excited to bring AI enabled industrial automation to the Automotive industry and hope you are too!

Minimum Education & Experience


  • 5+ years experience leading computer computer vision development.
  • Experience building brand new solutions (applications, products, systems) and deploying them successfully into production. Help Symbio build the industry standard for intelligent robotics.
  • Experience successfully scaling engineering organizations to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • The requirements for our code are stringent -- we have applications running 24/7 in production today. Thus, experience shipping production-ready code is a must.
  • Embrace all aspects of Leadership. Love hiring, mentoring, and growing people
  • Great partner across all parts of the business, from Engineering to Product to Customer Success to Recruiting to Finance.

Reports to

Vice President, Engineering 


Emeryville, CA - flexible mix of onsite and remote work. Not 100% remote.

About Us

Automation enables the best of human-machine collaboration. Symbio Robotics has gathered a team of innovators with the broad range of backgrounds necessary to endow industrial robotics with artificial intelligence. With the promise of quality, reliability, and efficiency, we deliver production solutions powering the next generation of industrial automation to global automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers.

Key Values

Are you curious about Symbio's Key Values? We have spent time thinking about this and we are excited to share ours here.

Diversity Statement

Symbio Robotics is dedicated to building a diverse team that is as complex and creative as the solutions we engineer for industrial automation applications. We are actively committed to engaging all voices and experiences in building the future of automation.

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