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Posted on 10/20/2022


Memphis, TN


Dextrous controls engineers develop the high-level behaviors and low level control code that give our robots dexterity. We are hiring both junior- and senior-level controls engineers.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities will include:

  • Designing high-level behaviors to manipulate various objects
  • Working with Dextrous' perception team to servo our robots for precision manipulation
  • Designing and implementing low-level algorithms for transforming behavior outputs into actuator (e.g., torque) commands
  • Designing, testing, and supporting your software from simulation to prototypes to a scaled fleet
  • Following software practices that produce maintainable code, including automated testing, continuous integration, and rigorous code review

Minimum Skills & Abilities

Who we’re looking for:

  • You possess expert knowledge of robot kinematics, robot dynamics, numerical linear algebra, and optimization
  • You are experienced at closing the loop between perception and control for the purpose of manipulation (or legged locomotion)
  • You want to work for a company that is driven to rapidly field real robots
  • You are passionate about addressing hard perception problems in complex, unstructured environments
  • You are driven and motivated by high-impact engineering applications that have the potential to revolutionize society

Minimum Education & Experience

Necessary qualifications:

  • You have a PhD, MS, or equivalent industry experience
  • You are a talented software developer, ideally with experience in C++ and experience analyzing and debugging robotic control algorithms
  • You have a strong track record in inventing and deploying innovative planning and control algorithms to robotic systems in real-world environments
  • You have expertise in relevant technical areas like optimal control, adaptive control, reinforcement learning, state estimation, and system identification
  • You are passionate about deploying a large fleet of robots that will operate around people in the real world
  • You enjoy bridging the gap between the theoretical (desired actuator forces) and the actual (dealing with backlash, back EMF, cogging, reflected inertia)

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