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Posted on 10/20/2022


Memphis, TN


Dextrous electrical engineers continue development of new robotic platforms. Help us build cutting-edge robots and positively impact humankind.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Who we’re looking for:

  • You are capable of designing electrical systems, predominantly for robotics and mechatronics projects.
  • You have a deep knowledge of the physics of power electronic systems and electronic communication systems.
  • You are capable of designing, building, and maintaining complex electrical systems (e.g., electric vehicle or robot), and can select and purchase the components that comprise these systems.
  • You can prototype software to communicate with electronics using C or C++.
  • You are experienced at debugging serial and real time protocol communication systems (e.g., EtherCAT, Ethernet, CAN, I2C, BISS).
  • You can deliver reliable, manufacturable, and cost effective designs and products.
  • You can methodically document requirements, designs, assembly, and test procedures and results.
  • You are driven and motivated by high-impact engineering applications that will revolutionize society.
  • You want to work for a company that is driven to rapidly field real robots.

Minimum Skills & Abilities

Personal Attributes:

  • You are able to balance timely project completion with quality work.
  • You are motivated by good engineering design, effective implementation, and pushing the envelope of what is possible.
  • You are passionate about deploying a large fleet of robots that will operate around people in the real world.
  • You have a passion for design and manufacturing.
  • You are a strong team player with excellent communication skills and a high degree of ownership and drive.

The following additional experience might also be beneficial to this role:

  • You are capable of designing and fabricating power electronic circuits.
  • PCB design, fabrication, testing, and debugging.
  • PLC programming and debugging.
  • Experience working with electrical systems in college competitions involving solar/electric cars or aircraft
  • Experience with EtherCAT and Ethernet network interfaces and tools.
  • Debugging serial communication data with an oscilloscope.
  • Deep understanding of the dynamics of high voltage AC and DC power systems.
  • Experience with high voltage (> 300V) designs.
  • PE Certification.
  • Experience in optics and photonics for camera and sensor design.
  • Experience in the design and deployment of sensor hardware and electronics (e.g., strain gauge, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, transducers, and digital encoders).

Minimum Education & Experience

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.
  • Experience making conceptual and final designs using CAD tools.
  • Proficiency in designing, building, and testing hardware and firmware systems.
  • Experience designing robotic electronic systems including actuators and sensors.
  • Can evaluate, design and conduct research for electromechanical systems and products by applying principles of power electronics, digital signal processing, computer engineering, and electromagnetics.
  • Proven communication and presentation skills with technical and non-technical audiences.

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