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Senior Application Engineer

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Posted on 11/21/2017


Ann Arbor, Michigan USA


To coordinate the planning, design, and installation of machinery and equipment in an industrial environment, using knowledge of engineering and programming as well as sophisticated instruments and computers.  Develops specifications for equipment as well as performance requirements.  Prepares cost analysis for integrating new machinery and equipment into the manufacturing process.  Writes operating instructions or programs, or uses existing computer programs, applying knowledge of programming to adapt the chosen equipment to the specific job application.  Oversees installation to see that machines and equipment are installed and functioning according to specifications.  Tests to make sure that machinery has the capability to carry out desired functions.  Coordinates with management to ensure that proper training is provided to workers to implement operating procedures, safety protocols, and to avoid system malfunctions.  Sets schedule of procedures and maintenance tasks as required to maintain equipment in prescribed condition.  Tests alternative techniques and methods; recommends changes in procedures or equipment as necessary.  Participates in training sessions, seminars, and continuing education to stay abreast of new technical developments.  Provides technical information and training to workers in other departments, such as marketing and legal, as well as engineering and production staff.  Support account managers with pricing and proposals.  
Minimum Years Experience:
3-5 years

Salary Budgeted:
(Based on experience)

Required skills (Must Have) 
Bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science, or equivalent experience.  Engineering skills required include knowledge of electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and computer programming. Experience in the design and development of programmed applications.  Excellent written and verbal presentation skills.  Willing/ Able to travel globally, Passport Required (no restrictions). Must be flexible with your personal schedule as there can be trips that are last minute.  Must have vision & plant experience.  Could be ME or EE.  Must and have great customer relations attitude and approach.  Must be problem solver.

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Coherix develops 3D sensing process control for dispensing applications. Our 3D machine vision solutions provide eyes with depth perception for robots, enabling customers to manage complex manufacturing processes. Coherix produces the highest performance solutions.

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