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Posted on 09/01/2021


Philadelphia, PA and/or Remote


FORT Robotics is searching for a dynamic Embedded Electronics Hardware Engineer to join our team and help us build out the future for autonomous and robotics machines.

Major Duties & Responsibilities



  • Design, Develop, and test advanced safety, security, and communication systems for the next generation of intelligent robots
  • Work with a diverse, cross-functional  engineering team on daily basis
  • Create and execute test plans to ensure internal specification, industry standards, and regulatory compliance
  • Design, build, and fabricate proof of concept prototypes
  • Collaborate closely with our manufacturing partners to develop factory test solutions to ensure high quality delivery of our products

Minimum Skills & Abilities


  • An inquisitive and driven person who thrives in a fast past, challenging environment
  • Highly communicative and willing to both give and receive constructive feedback
  • An electrical, electronics, or computer hardware engineer with 2 or more years of experience
  • Experienced with basic circuit design with I/O intensive microcontrollers and microprocessors
  • Experienced with schematic capture and PCB layout tools (Orcad, Allegro, PADs, Eagle, Altium, etc.)
  • Familiar with electrical lab test tools (multimeter, oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer etc.)
  • Experienced with basic coding and script development for the bring up and test  of embedded Linux on x86 and ARM platforms (preferred)
  • A professional with at least a B.S. in an engineering discipline 

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