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Posted on 06/08/2021


San Antonio, TX


Plus One Robotics is a startup at the intersection of robotics, artificial Intelligence, and e-commerce supply chain. There may not be a more exciting technology space to be working in today!

We make the Logistics Industry’s most advanced and reliable 3D and AI based vision software for robots to pick and place items in the warehouse environment. Logistics companies call us when they want to learn how to use robotics and AI to deliver essential goods while maintaining safe distance in their warehouses.

What makes us unique is that our executive team are thought leaders from the industry, not academia. Being grounded in our customer’s needs of day-to-day production, has pushed us to marry the most advanced technology with a novel approach to reduce risk by enabling robots to easily collaborate with remote humans, whom we call “Crew Chiefs”. We like to say “Robots work. People rule.”

About the Sales Development Representative

Plus One Robotics is a rapidly growing technology start-up, and with that comes a once-in-a-lifetime career launching pad. You will be calling on supply chain executives who have been waiting their whole careers for your call. They just may not know it yet. You are the messenger telling them that the future is here.

To be clear, this isn’t your parents’ sales job. You’ll be leveraging superior sales technology and working with a seasoned team of Strategic Enterprise Sales Directors and industry thought leaders. You’ll be given access to best-in-class training, consistent feedback, and development. And you’ll work with driven and passionate sales professionals in a supportive and competitive culture.

We are a “Best Place to Grow”. This means training and investing in our employees is in our DNA. You’ll be working alongside extraordinary talent and the expectations will correspondingly be very high. But working hard and working smart are rewarded. We have a great culture and great benefits. You’ll master communicating value efficiently, navigating gatekeepers, and executing on a successful outreach strategy.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Courageous, determined, and not afraid to fail
  • Highly motivated to meet and exceed targets and goals– you’re not afraid of rejection because each “No” gets you one step closer to a “Yes”
  • Intellectually curious and looking to develop and grow sales and persuasion skills
  • Enthusiastic about working in a diverse and supportive team environment
  • Eager for and open to feedback, a track record of learning and developing new skills as part of a team

Minimum Skills & Abilities

  • Strategically engaging on LinkedIn with industry executives
  • Emailing prospects in a customized and highly strategic manner leveraging the best sales technologies to maintain efficiencies
  • Keeping Salesforce and other sales technologies up to date, in an almost militant manner because you know that you’re a part of a sales organization and data is critical
  • Cold calling and engaging executives
  • Working closely with your manager and sales executives to track, and meet success metrics
  • Communicating and collaborating with team members on best practices and processes
  • Innovating and testing creative ways to gain access and trust with prospective customers
  • Smartly prioritizing and organizing your time to be as productive as possible
  • Working closely with your manager to implement coaching and feedback
  • Attending weekly team, and all employee meetings to understand the why behind your work, and the impact it has on Plus One Robotics’ mission and vision

Minimum Education & Experience

  • Pathologically friendly
  • Interested in a long-term career in sales
  • Persuasive and enjoy the process of surfacing objections so your prospect can understand the value you are offering them
  • An incredibly strong communicator, both written and verbal
  • Humble, all of us at Plus One Robotics implicitly want both receive and implement feedback on a regular basis
  • Passionate about AI, Robotics, and changing the future of how materials are moved through the supply chain

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Plus One Robotics makes vision software for logistics robots. We give robots the eye-hand coordination to pick and place objects in the warehouses and distribution centers using 3D and AI-powered perception, so robots get smarter over time. Our award-winning approach to customer service includes remote robot supervision, so one human worker can manage up to 50 robots from anywhere. That's why we say 'Robots Work. People Ru

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