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Posted on 08/31/2021


San Francisco, Bay Area, CA


About RIOS

RIOS is a technology company helping global customers automate their factories, warehouses, and supply chain operations by deploying a new class of AI-powered and dexterous robots. RIOS robots handle hard-to-automate tasks, typically requiring human-level dexterity, in unstructured environments. RIOS is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and has a pilot facility in San Carlos, CA. More information is available at

The Role

RIOS is looking for a Lead Simulation Engineer with an artistic bent that has a strong background in building and working with physics-based 3D simulation environments and who can own RIOS's internal simulation environment.  This will include a combination of building custom tooling, building interfaces between existing simulation environments which excel in different areas (e.g., FEM solvers vs. ray-tracing), and interfacing with various stakeholders (including roboticists and machine learning engineers and business development) to meet their needs.

Apply directly at RIOS website

Applications can be directly submitted at RIOS website. Please visit our careers page to view all open positions and apply for Simulation Engineer.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Role Include:

  • Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary Team to build simulation environments that achieve physics & visual fidelity
  • Capture RIOS work cells to the 'digital twin' level utilizing all available CAD and specification data (Includes simulating materials, physics, etc. of all components & modules used in the work cells)
  • Validate robot motion and reachability across robot platforms. Provide real-time collision feedback
  • Validate takt times of various use cases
  • Simulate vision and tactile data to be used for conceptualization as well as algorithm development
  • Develop API for machine learning tasks in simulation for offline and distributed training
  • Build custom simulation tools and/or link together disparate simulation environments
  • Build a semantic 'task description' capability to streamline specifying tests to run on the system (e.g., grab 5 different geometry
  • SKUs and place them in different orientations)Generates videos for customers showing concepts and functionality

Minimum Skills & Abilities

Attributes of desired candidates may include some of the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience), preferably in computer science, electrical engineering, robotics, or similar (Master’s degree a plus)
  • 3+ years of industry experience
  • Experience working with python, C++, and ROS
  • Experience working with 3D simulation and/or rendering environments (e.g., PyBullet, Gazebo, Unity, Blender, Mujoco, etc.)
  • Experience with industrial robot kinematics in simulation environments
  • Experience with simulation environments for reinforcement learning (e.g., OpenAI Gym, Deepmind Lab, etc.)


  • Competitive salary package & Stock options for every employee
  • Healthcare + dental + vision insurance plans
  • 401(k) plan
  • Free lunch
  • Flexible time off & paid holidays
  • Social events + happy hours + team parties

Apply directly at RIOS website

Applications can be directly submitted at RIOS website. Please visit our careers page to view all open positions and apply for Simulation Engineer.

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RIOS develops and deploys dexterous AI-powered robots to factory assembly lines and warehouses to help global customers automate their supply chain or logistics operations. We’ve developed a first-of-its-kind haptic intelligence platform for robots – this enables our robot to handle hard-to-automate tasks that typically require human-level-dexterity and involve manipulating thousands of SKUs. Our robots possess higher levels of dexterity, cognitive skills, and autonomy than today's robots and

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