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Posted on 10/20/2021


Norway, Denmark or remote in Europe


Passion! for GStreamer

We are looking for a team player with in-depth experience in video handling using GStreamer. As part of our team, you will be helping us scale our machine vision platform for the analysis of 3D video data.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Expand our current GStreamer based 3D video transport pipeline to scale and handle varying network conditions. Expand the gst plumbing to support our web-based video players. Support new cameras and integrate gst with Machine Vision tools for inference and annotation. 

We offer

  • Team building twice per year, gathering in one location for social activities and planning
  • Incentive scheme to full-time employees
  • Autonomy and responsibility
  • Flexible work location - use one of our offices or work from wherever you are
  • A friendly working environment with flat hierarchies

Working at Aivero

The Aivero work culture is remote-friendly and we offer our team members a high degree of autonomy and flexibility. Our multinational team operates from multiple locations, both remotely as well as from our offices in Stavanger and Aalborg.

About Aivero

Aivero makes easy to use AI services powered by our 3D vision technology. The company was founded in 2017 and is a Norwegian software startup with offices in Norway and Denmark. We have developed the Aivero 3DQ - a streaming platform that enables efficient compression, streaming and storage of RGB-D video across networks in real-time. Currently, we are serving several international customers, and we’re engaged in projects that have received funding from Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway and the EU. Amongst our investors are StartupLab, Momentum Partners, TRK Group and Sprettert.

Minimum Skills & Abilities

  • !Passion! for GStreamer
  • Significant experience in lower-level programming, ideally in rust, if not then C++ or C
  • You're someone who codes in their spare time
  • You love to review merge requests
  • Ideally, experience from applying DNN such as Mask-RCNN for object detection and classification

Please apply from this website or via our job ad on Linkedin

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