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Posted on 05/18/2021


Mountainview, California


FS Studio is looking for an experienced Robotics Automation Engineer III to join our growing team.

Our client is a well known Silicon Valley Tech Firm located in Mountainview, California.

Competitive Salary and full benefits offered.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Design automation workcells including robotic, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and safety components
    • Contractor will be responsible for the complete design from concept to bring up of any automation workcells required by the Client.  They will be responsible for scoping out, specifying complete designs, BOM’s, and operational metrics.  Contractor will document all designs in alignment with the Client’s specification standards.
  2. Coordinate with fabrication services, vendors/suppliers, and oversee the assembly of automation workcells
    • Contractor will coordinate with the appropriate cross functional teams to engage with third parties to support the fabrication and assembly of all automation workcells.  
    • Contractor will ensure that all third party work is performed to the Client’s specified standards and escalate any deviations that cannot be resolved proactively to the Client Project Manager.
    • Contractor will ensure that they follow all Client policies with respect to compliance when engaging with any external partner.
  3. Set up, document, and maintain robotic workcells in the identified Client facilities to support specifications for testing, data collection, and investigations of new policies and procedures relating to the operation of new workcells. 
    • Contractor will be responsible for the set up of robotic workcells and will document all related information to Client specifications and store such documentation in Client required repositories.
    • Contractor will ensure compliance to Client safety regulations for all setups.
  4. Manage industrial automation equipment in the lab
    • Contractor will  manage all robotic automation equipment as set forth in the requirements.
    • Contractor will ensure peak operational functionality on all equipment and manage all maintenance, calibration, and other aspects related to the equipment.
  5. Configure/program industrial automation equipment, such as PLCs, end effectors, conveyors, and safety equipment
    • Contractor will configure and program all automation equipment.  All configurations and programming shall be documented to Client requirements and standards and stored in the required Client repositories.  
    • All configuration and programming should be bug free and ensure peak operational functionality for all related equipment and systems.
  6. Define, setup, and execute application experiments, coordinate with Operators to run tests and collect data related to the operations of the robot and its performance of various assigned tasks (“Robot Data”), and work with researchers to ensure Robot Data quality
    • Contractor will be responsible for the complete lifecycle of experiments from definition through execution.
    • Contractor will make appropriate suggestions based on their expertise on how to improve experiment design or setup based on the test parameters / outcomes expected by Client.
  7. Work with customers or partners to develop application requirements and specifications to enable feasibility testing and experiments in the lab
    • Contractor will work with related Client teams, personnel, or applicable third parties to develop application requirements and specifications to enable robust feasibility testing and experiments in a lab setting.  
    • Contractor will document all requirements and specifications and store in the required repositories.

Minimum Education & Experience

• BS degree in Mechatronics or Industrial Automation

* Experience in AI robotics

• Mechatronics, Instrumentation selection and data reduction


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