What’s Driving the Rapid Growth of the Motion Control Market?

The motion control market is poised for exponential growth in the coming years. In 2016 alone, motion control shipments increased 10.3%. By 2022, it's predicted the motion control market will be worth $22.81 billion, with a CAGR just above 5.7%.

The motion control market is large and diverse. There are many factors driving the growth in this market, and some sectors are affected more than others. 

Where is Motion Control Gaining Traction?

There are several ways in which motion control is growing and will continue to grow through 2022. Demand is expected to continue to increase mainly from the semiconductor and electronics, food and beverage, electrical, and automotive industries.

More generally, metal and machinery manufacturing, as well as assembly/disassembly applications, are expected to hold the largest shares of the motion control market. 

What's Causing the Growth of Motion Control Applications?

There are many factors behind the rapid growth of the motion control market. Some of the major ones include:

Ease of use

Motion control equipment is increasingly easier to use and easier to integrate with existing systems. This makes investment in motion control technology more feasible for manufacturers. 

Rapid Globalization

Globalization will significantly expand the potential market for motion control technology. Emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil will create a huge demand for motion control applications. 

Economic Growth

From 2017 through 2022, the global economy is predicted to expand and motion control applications will grow with it. As economic output increases, motion control technology will be needed to keep up with demand.

Industrial Safety

More and more, safety is being used as a productivity tool in today's industrial environment. Robots with motion control technology, particularly collaborative robotics, dramatically improve safety in manufacturing.

Automation Adoption

Automation technology featuring motion control equipment is being adopted at higher and higher rates. Robots create increased efficiency, productivity and decreased operating costs. Motion control adoption will follow the growth in adoption of automation technology.

Motion control technology is being adopted in a wide variety of industries and applications. A number of factors are driving this market growth through 2022. Motion control is poised to be a fundamental aspect of manufacturing.

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