Trends in Robotics & Certification Program


Trends in robotics sales show companies in diverse industries are making greater use of automation. The automotive industry still accounts for most sales, but more companies in the life sciences and food and consumer goods industries are using automated solutions. A greater use of robotics is creating demand for integrators to certify and show their capabilities.

Current Sales Trends

Robot orders in North America are projected to reach more than 22,000 units in 2014. This is expected even after a great year for the robotics industry in 2013, only second to 2012. In 2013, a total of 21,562 robots valued at a total of $1.34 billion were ordered from North American companies.

Even though the automotive industry spent less on robotics in 2013 than 2012, all non-automotive industries in North America ordered more robots in 2013 than the prior year.

Companies in the life sciences industries that include bio-tech and pharmaceuticals invested heavily enough to see a 72.5 percent growth in robotics purchases compared to the year before. The food and consumer goods industry saw a 67.2 percent jump in the same time period.

Material handling, spot welding and arc welding account for the greatest use of robotics.

The continued level of purchases shows that automation is a key part of a company's success.

Integrator Certification

As the purchase and use of robots increases, companies that help buyers integrate automation in various phases of their production, packaging, and shipping can attain certification and build trust with potential clients.

The Robotics Industries Association (RIA) started a certification program in 2012 and feedback reveals key benefits. Getting certified allows high-end users to more easily find qualified integrators by differentiating themselves from those who've not taken the step.

All robotics systems integration companies are allowed to apply. An on-site audit verifies information on the application and the program tests individuals on their robotics knowledge, skills, and experience. A link to the certification application is at the end of this post.

National Robot Safety Conference

Integrators and anyone responsible for automated systems can gain an in-depth understanding of safety issues at the National Robot Safety Conference, October 14-16 at the Sheraton Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Real-world topics and an overview of the Robot Safety Standard from leaders in robotics safety will offer expert perspectives.

Click here for both conference information and the Certified Robot Integrator Program.

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