Bring Robotics Safety Training to Your Organization Through RIA In-House Training

Bring Robotics Safety Training to Your Organization Through RIA In-House TrainingIf you’ve recently hired employees, implemented a new automation system, or just need a robotics safety refresher, the RIA’s In-House training can help. Even though your robotics solution likely meets strict safety standards, accidents can still happen if your employees aren’t properly trained on robotics safety. Keep your employees and your business safe!

Why Choose RIA In-House Training?

The RIA is experienced and impartial, two critical qualities you should expect from your robotics safety trainer. The organization has provided expert service for more than 38 years. With RIA’s In-House training, you’ll get help developing your custom robotics safety program at your own facility. You can trust the RIA’s longtime, practical experience in a number of applications.

You’ll learn the current robotics and automation safety requirements listed in the ANSI/RIA Robot Safety Standard – 2012 (R15.06-2012) and the newest information in the ISO 10218 Standards. The RIA will train your entire staff at one low rate. Build a custom program for the topics you need for your business. Let the trainers explain the challenges of your equipment.

The RIA In-House Training schedule is fast and flexible. It may be possible to train your whole staff in a single day. Because the RIA comes to you and trains at your facility, you won’t have to coordinate or pay for expensive travel. This also means that your employees can get back to work fast. And they’ll know exactly how to apply what they’ve learned.

Why Regularly Perform Risk Assessments?

To achieve robotics safety, it’s important to assess the risks of industrial robotics technology in your own facility. A risk assessment protects not only your workers but also your automation investment.  An assessment helps you determine the limits of your robotic systems, find hazards, and estimate the risks associated with those hazards.

A risk assessment helps to ensure that you’re compliant with industry regulations. All kinds of hazards can present themselves when you perform a risk assessment, including mechanical, electrical, and ergonomic issues. Eliminating hazards can improve worker safety and morale. You might even discover opportunities for increased productivity!

When your employees receive in-depth safety and risk assessment training, they’ll likely be more comfortable identifying potential robotics safety concerns in the future, even between assessments. You can create a safer work environment for all who enter your facility by showing your dedication to safety and performing regular risk assessments.

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