7 reasons to attend The Vision Show next week

Companies in a growing number of industries are using machine vision and imaging systems to increase profitability, improve throughput, reduce defects, comply with regulations and solve specific challenges. In fact, machine vision and imaging systems have become integral to nearly every automation system today – and the numbers prove it. According to recent stats from the Association for Advancing Automation, the North America machine vision market set new records in the first half of 2022, with orders totaling $1.588 billion between machine vision components ($227 million) and systems ($1.355 billion). These volumes exceed previous records set in 2021 by 6.2% overall.

Why the big increase in sales? And why should your organization consider deploying these solutions?

There’s still time to find out by attending The Vision Show, North America’s largest machine vision & imaging showcase, October 11-13. Whether you’re new to the space or a long-time vision system and imaging expert, here are seven reasons you can't miss this event:

  1. Experience the latest and greatest innovations from 130+ exhibiting companies
  2. Get inspired by keynotes from Boston Dynamics, NVIDIA, Sony Electronics and Microsoft, on topics such as “Mobility, Perception & Manipulation: The Building Blocks of Mobile Robots,” “From the pitching mound to the traffic light: Machine vision and AI beyond the factory” and “Optimizing Cloud and Edge – Vision AI /ML solutions at scale”
  3. Hear from more experts in the space during 50 sessions and panels across four learning tracks: Vision Integration, Application & Technologies, Artificial Intelligence & Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), and Vision & Robotics. You’ll learn about the latest developments in machine vision, imaging, sensors, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), collaborative robots, and more. Find the full agenda of conference sessions online
  4. Learn from practical, real-world applications integral to solving a company’s challenges. While your business issues might be unique to your organization, the use cases can offer valuable insights to help you solve them!
  5. Demonstrate your machine vision expertise to your clients and prospects by participating in new, refreshed basic and advanced Certified Vision Professional (CVP) courses. Take courses live from experts; you can also opt to take the exam onsite at the end of the conference. CVP-Basic and CVP-Advanced courses and other educational conference sessions are available with an All Access Pass
  6. Hear the latest on global standards for the vision industry
  7. At the same location, check out the Autonomous Mobile Robot & Logistics Week event, collocated with The Vision Show, to see what top suppliers and users of AMRs and logistics automation are showcasing, including the latest about vision systems and imaging solutions that help robots move safely around their environments. 

As these “7 reasons” show, The Vision Show is an invaluable way to learn about innovations in vision and imaging today, with practical solutions you can implement immediately. If you haven’t signed up yet, register now for the free tradeshow or attend all educational sessions by signing up for an All Access Pass.

SEE you in Boston!