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As the adoption of automation is expected to increase dramatically coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we provide high-quality information to our members and potential automation users on how to successfully apply robotics, AI, machine vision, motion control, and related automation technologies. Robots and related technology are recognized as some of the best ways for the global economy to quickly get back on its feet – while protecting workers and increasing productivity.

Chis Soranno Robotics / Vision & Imaging / Motion Control / AI & Smart Automation

Chris Soranno

Safety Standards & Competence Manager

The most important factors to consider designing a safety system, unique safety challenges, and preparing the next generation of workers.

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Craig Ulrich AI & Smart Automation

Craig Ulrich

JR Automation

How investing in digital solutions and automation can increase efficiency, create cost savings, and future proof your manufacturing operations.

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Hemachandra Bhat Robotics

Hemachandra Bhat

Global Robotics Head
Wipro Limited

Logistics, warehousing and mobile robot applications on the rise, and why connected automation is critical for the future

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David Henderson Robotics / Motion Control

David Henderson

Founder & CEO
New Scale Robotics & New Scale Technologies

The case for automating for quality, innovation in the face of challenges, and how to amplify ROI.

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Matija Kopi? AI & Smart Automation / Robotics

Matija Kopic

Gideon Brothers

How robotics are shifting for use in companies of all sizes, and why pushing boundaries of what's possible is important.

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Daniel Theobald Robotics / AI & Smart Automation

Daniel Theobald

CEO and Founder
Vecna Robotics

How you should be looking at autonomous workflows as a whole, how you can predict future factors in your operation, and more!

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Jim Rock Robotics

Jim Rock

Chief Executive Officer

More and more companies who rely on efficient material handling want holistic automation solutions that provide real business value and enable them to adapt to supply chain disruptions today while continuing to grow and become more efficient in the future.

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Murali Gopalakrishna AI & Smart Automation / Robotics

Murali Gopalakrishna

Head of Product Management, Autonomous Machines; General Manager - Robotics

The shift from automation to autonomy is what will drive the next decade of innovative use cases.

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Rajat Aggarwal Vision & Imaging / Robotics

Rajat Aggarwal


How compact 360° 3D cameras help in UV-C disinfection, why complete solutions are important to improve robotic systems' performance, and how camera-based vision systems can help the market move faster to mass adoption of robotics.

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Gus Molina AI & Smart Automation

Gus Molina

IoT Solutions Architect

How to stay abreast of latest technology developments, recalibration of workforce, and future-proofing your company.

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Gerry Ens Robotics

Gerry Ens

Go West Robotics

Evolving robotics technology, generating ROI quickly, and why investing in software development is critical for success.

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Mike Harper Robotics

Mike Harper, BSME, MBA

VP of Sales and Marketing
AutoGuide Mobile Robots

Advice for business leaders getting started in automation, key lessons from 2020, and more.

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Çaglayan Arkan AI & Smart Automation

Çaglayan Arkan

Vice President, Manufacturing Industry
Microsoft Corp.

By empowering organizations with new digital capabilities, strategies, and insights, Arkan and his team are helping businesses drive sustained growth, agile innovation, and operational excellence.

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Rob Sullivan Robotics

Rob Sullivan

President & CEO
AutoGuide Mobile Robots

The difference between autonomous and automated products, advancements in automating material transport for smaller operations, and solving the labor and skills gap.

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Kristian Hulgard Robotics

Kristian Hulgard

General Manager, Americas

Why Odense and Denmark have become such hotbeds for robotics; generating ROI quickly with robotic applications.

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Matt Wicks Robotics

Matt Wicks

Chief Robotics Solution Architect
Honeywell Intelligrated

What helps drive the solutions that address our industry challenges and exciting new developments in AMRs.

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Dan Hasley Robotics

Dan Hasley

Senior Director of Sales & Marketing
Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

How collaborative robot applications are enabling a certain level of automation for manufacturers with low volume, high mix applications; manufacturing improvements.

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Joe Gemma Robotics

Joe Gemma

Global Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Benefits of using proven system integrators and being involved in industry organizations.

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Mike Cicco Robotics

Mike Cicco

President & CEO
FANUC America

Intelligent functions, easier-to-use robots, and more affordable solutions mark the rise in the automation industry over 20 years.

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Gary MillerMotion Control

Gary Miller

Miller Resource Group

Innovations for 2020 goals and beyond: staying productive during a global pandemic.

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Steve Green Robotics

Steve Green

KUKA Robotics USA

How ease-of-use is encouraging small to medium-size manufacturers to adopt automation, and adopt a strategy to grow business, instead of just save cost.

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Robert Little Robotics

Robert Little

ATI Industrial Automation

How one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North Carolina handles the ever-changing landscape and managed during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Milton Guerry Robotics

Milton Guerry


Why it's so important to develop the next generation's workforce and the benefits of being active in industry organizations.

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