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What is the maximum clearance for a fixed robot fence panel and the floor?

If I'm understanding your question correctly the standard allows for a 6" sweep, to which most or all safety fencing manufacturers design and build to.

Gregg Wheeler - Engineering Manager
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Can a robot cell door be left open when not is use - for instance when an employee goes on break, they leave the door open and the robot is not locked out? I am looking for safety guidelines on this.

When a safety fence is required to run a robotic cell, the short answer is no. The cell doors need to be closed in order for the safety control system to reset and allow the robotic system to start back up. There may be areas that are on their own safety circuit and that would then allow this to happen, but this would then have other measures to protect the operator, assuming it was done correctly. Having said all that, if the door is open then the system is not in operation. Your company may have policies around how to stop a system or what needs to be in place when a system is down/not in use.

Gregg Wheeler - Director
(920) 336-9382