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Tangram Vision makes it simple to integrate sensors, build apps that use their data, and optimize their stability and performance over the entire robot product lifecycle. The Tangram Vision SDK includes APIs for plug-and-play sensor integration, auto-calibration for single or multi-sensor arrays, remote diagnostics and other powerful tools. Tangram Vision works with the most popular sensing modalities including depth (3D), LiDAR, CMOS and IMU sensors.


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Which camera is most suitable for 3D scanning?

There's a number of cameras that are capable of 3D scanning, but the camera is only half of the equation. You'll also need suitable software that can take the input from the 3D camera and reconstruct the 3D model based on the 3D scan.

Combinations that will achieve this include the Structure Sensor Mark II ( and Skanect ( and an Intel RealSense D-series camera ( and ReconstructMe (

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