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I have an otc daihen robot almega v6-L with a otc power supply and a two turntable integration. I am having issues with the seam tracking. What adjustments do I need to make in the settings to make it more responsive on both linear welds and circular welds? Thanks, Jeff Hobson

Jeff, This is a very tough question to answer without getting more details. Please contact our technical support staff at 937-667-0800.

Darryl Swann - Technical Sales Manager
(937) 667-0800

I am looking at setting up a University Level course in Robotics and applications for ME/EE and special bridge programs for Mechatronics. I know there are many Colleges that have these programs already but we will offer our own for a number of reasons. Much of the Robotics equipment I see is geared towards K-12 or is large Industrial gear. What equipment is available for the middle level? Can anyone recommend companies that focus on University level systems. I am looking to quote out some lab systems. Thank you.

Hello William, OTC DAIHEN Inc. has a small robotic welding educational cell that is used for educational institution and we can also customize equipment to suit your needs. If you are interested please contact Bryan Peoples at 614-203-0025.


Darryl Swann - Technical & Corporate Sales Manager
(937) 667-0800

I have a OTC DR Robot with a CPVAS 350 power supply. When I start the robot it comes in and starts welding but it just sits there and will not move unless you turn the weld off. Then it will finish the program with out welding. I was thinking maybe the interface cable? any other ideas?

Shawn, You need to check the weld control relay in the power source first. If not that, call our Service Group at 937-667-0800.

Larry Barley - Welding Engineer
(937) 667-0800

I have a robot to conduct welding on small parts on a turntable. When in teach mode the robot speed is reduced below 250 mm/sec. The turntable is also controlled by the teach pendant in teach mode and both cannot be moved simultaneously, either one or the other. Is there a set "speed limit" for the turntable (or other ancillary equipment similar to this) that must be met when in teach mode (e.g. 250mm/sec) or is it whatever is determined as acceptable risk by the risk assessment?

Clinton, 250 mm/sec is max by RIA. The integrator may set a lower limit based on the risk assessment. Eg.: If the turntable is set up for a larger part (36" - 72") the 250 mm/sec is at the max diameter. If this is the set point and you are trying to weld a 2" pipe in teach mode, you will not hit the travel speed you may need. Some robots / turntables are tied together and can be run together in teach mode, some are not you may need to talk to you robot supplier or integrator on this. It could be you are not getting to the proper set point in your teach pendant to operate both at the same time.

Larry Barley - Welding Engineer
(937) 667-0800

Good Morning I have Encoder error detected by welding power supply and welder is DL 350 and error code is E-800 flashing it will start welding for couple welds then stop cables seems to be connected but dont know why this error keeps coming up do you have any solutions please let me know OTC Daihen Almega AX-H3

Eddie, This is a wire feed issue, mainly and encoder reading issue. #1 check your liner, when was it last changed? Does the wire feed smoothly? Is there a spot in the program that this seems to happen more often? It could be a kinked cable. #2 if more questions call: our office and ask for service: 888-OTC-ROBO (888-682-7626). OTC does not charge for phone support.

Larry Barley - Welding Engineer
(937) 667-0800

We are FD-V6 macchine. Having E2006 eroor Kindly assist to remove the same

Check that Teach Pendant and Operation Box are both set to "Auto" or both set to "Teach".

Most often this error shows when teach Pendant is not set correctly.

Larry Barley - Welding Engineer
(937) 667-0800

I need to know how to reset ANCODER FD SERIES ROBOT

Go to your FD-11 Maintenance Manual, Chapter 3, Machine Adjustment, Section 3.2 Performing Encoder Reset and Encoder Correction pages.

You may try: for help also.

Larry Barley - Welding Engineer
(937) 667-0800