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How far away is a container of parts to be from a safety light curtain outside a weld cell

Please refer to EN SO 13855 and it provides How to calculate the safety distances Quite a Number of website provides the Online calculation also

Sudesh Kamble - Chief Engineer
(214) 517-7942

Can a robot cell door be left open when not is use - for instance when an employee goes on break, they leave the door open and the robot is not locked out? I am looking for safety guidelines on this.

Can a robot cell door be left open when not is use - this is not advisable, without lockout-tag out

Sudesh Kamble - Chief Engineer
(972) 202-8800

Is it ok to have the light curtains of a cell muted, during teach mode, without having some type of interlock partition key switch with a visual indication such as a rope with signage attached? I am concerned about having someone come in to the cell from the loading/unloading side, while teaching is being performed.

For the Teach mode, if the Curtains are deactivated - it should be able to trigger the Teach mode, having speed, gaps, forces to be non-hazardous levels to ensure the Risks are not present for passer by (similar to collaborative Robot standards)

Sudesh Kamble - Chief Engineer
(972) 202-8800

We are a canadian manufacturer of an autonomous weeding robot for the ag industry. What are the certifications we need to obtain given the fact the robot is autonomous and will be roaming the fields with no supervision? Thanks Luc Labbé, CEO Nexus Robotics 418-570-1196

This product will need Combination of two or more standards; Robotic Portion (UL 3100 is very Close) and UL 82 (for Trimmer part; Additionally there will be Functional Safety Involved due to Risk associated (control, object detection etc); BMS and battery module standards

Sudesh Kamble - Chief Engineer
(972) 202-8800