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Develops scientific and industrial imaging solutions for machine vision, research, medical imaging, quality control, metrology, and lab automation. Provides custom product development and system integration services. Off-the-shelf product line includes universal software development kits (SDK) for FireWire, GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, CoaXPress and CameraLink cameras, GigE Vision camera simulator, and an industrial and scientific image analysis package.


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Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are using cameras with your standard in our x-ray systems. Our current preferences are cameras of the suppliers Basler AG & The Imaging Source. Both suppliers are implemented in our product lines. Unfortunately cameras of each single supplier are only working with their special software. This means whenever we implement Basler Software there will be detect only Basler products. Same with The Imaging Source. Even though all companies are working with same standard the manufacturer make sure that only won product will be detected. How is the procedure to arrange software which is not limited on specific manufacturer?! Thanks for your efforts. Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards i.A. Sven Hartmann Strategischer Einkauf / Strategic Purchasing YXLON International GmbH a company of the COMET Group Essener Bogen 15; D-22419 Hamburg Geschäftsführer: Stefan Moll Sitz: Hamburg, Registergericht Hamburg, Reg.-Nr. 104499 Telephone: +49 (0)40 52729 246 Fax: +49 (0)40 52729 271 E-Mail: [email protected] Internet:

Hi Sven,

Another option for you would be using our ActiveGigE SDK. It will work with GigE Vision compliant cameras of any brand, and we have several Basler and ImagingSource cameras here to support you with technical and programming questions you may have. A detailed description of ActiveGigE and trial version can be found on our web site:

Best Regards, Boris

Boris Nalibotski
(860) 437-7711

Hi We are interested in using GigE Vision in an embedded system. We should start grabbing very fast (in less than 1 second from application start). Is it possible to do it? Is it possible not to use the discovery sequence in order to speed things up? Best regards, Tal

Tal, Yes, it is possible if you know your camera's IP address. You can even avoid parsing an XML file as long as you have preliminary knowledge about certain camera parameters.

Boris Nalibotski - General Partner
(860) 437-7711

We want to develop a GigE vision device that will have multiple services, but the device must have only a single link ethernet port. For simplicity, we prefer that the device will expose only a single IP address. (Because otherwise, when simulating the device using a software simulator we will have to use multiple network adapter cards - each of them will have its own IP and MAC addresses). I have read (part of) the GigE Vision Specification version 2.0 document, and I understand that in order to achieve that, we need to implement DNS-SD in our device. My questions are: 1) Is this correct? Does the standard allow us to have multiple services on the same IP address, without using DNS-SD? 2) Does DNS-SD depend on mDNS? 3) Has anyone implemented DNS-SD that can comment how difficult is it to implement it in the device and/or in the software simulation? Best regards, Itai

Hi Itai,

Our GigESim software can simulate a GigE Vision device with multiple IP and MAC addresses while using only one network card. It can also simulate a device that has several video sources streaming from the same IP/MAC.

Boris Nalibotski
(860) 437-7711

Good Morning, I plan to use GiGE Vision interface for a new infra-red camera. On my design, i have a C667x DSP directly connected to a Phy Ethernet component. I have already used this interface to send UDP/IP packet. Could you tell me the different tools hardware and software i have to use : - libraries ... - is there a dongle?. - ... Could you also give me more details about the AIA subscription. Thanks for your help Best Regards

Hi Pascal,

If you are looking for an SDK/driver/viewer for your GigE Vision camera, make sure to check our ActiveGigE SDK.

Best Regards,


Boris Nalibotski - General Partner
(860) 437-7711

Hi I am having an issue where our GigEV transmitter we are trying to develop is correctly being discovered, and connected to. Once the stream settings is updated and the stream enabled I can see on wireshark the GVSP data is coming in fine with no errors and the leader, data and trailer packets is there without errors. But we cannot seem to get this displayed on a host player. We are using eBus Player from Pleora technologies to test. But once the acquisition start command is called I see no image or any update in the stream statistics counters, not even in errors. So I am a bit confused on how to debug further. The destination address and port is fine, the resolution and packet size is fine, the payload size is fine. Is there any more in depth testing software that I do no know about?

Hi Christo,

Are you using a commercial GigE Vision server/simulator SDK for designing your transmitter or are you writing it from scratch on your own? There are a couple of transmitting SDKs available on the market, such as our GigESim SDK. Using one of them would save you a lot of time and development resources.

If your company develops its own commercial product that uses the GigE Vision technology, you would have to purchase the GigE Vision license from AIA and join the GigE Vision technical commettee. This would be the place to post your technical questions related to the GigE Vision protocol.

If you want to try our GigESim SDK, please visit our web site at

Boris Nalibotski - General Partner
1 (860) 823-8301

Hello, I was wondering if there is a simple way to convert GigEVision to RTSP...has anyone done this?

Hi Keith,

This feature is available in our ActiveGigE SDK:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards, Boris

Boris Nalibotski - General Partner
(860) 823-8301