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Published on: 12/16/2020

Last Reply on: 12/18/2020

Category: Welding, Arc

Technology: Robotics

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Good Morning I have Encoder error detected by welding power supply and welder is DL 350 and error code is E-800 flashing it will start welding for couple welds then stop cables seems to be connected but don't know why this error keeps coming up do you have any solutions please let me know Thanks, Eddie OTC Daihen Almega AX-H3

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Thank you for your inquiry, Unfortunately we supply integration of welding and other equipment and would not be the best suited to address this issue. Typically the OEM provider of the welding equipment would be the best resource for questions like yours Best wishes and happy holidays to you

Albert Keefer from BHS Robotics | 12/18/2020

Eddie, This is a wire feed issue, mainly and encoder reading issue. #1 check your liner, when was it last changed? Does the wire feed smoothly? Is there a spot in the program that this seems to happen more often? It could be a kinked cable. #2 if more questions call: our office and ask for service: 888-OTC-ROBO (888-682-7626). OTC does not charge for phone support.

Larry Barley from OTC DAIHEN Inc. | 12/18/2020

This is typically caused by an encoder signal issue from the feeder If the problem persists, please contact the OTC DAIHEN USA service department at 937-667-0800 to begin troubleshooting with one of our technicians.

Mike Monnin from OTC DAIHEN Inc. | 12/18/2020