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Published on: 03/28/2019

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We are a manufacturer that prints on continuous web whether it be opaque but mostly clear. The prints can consist of hundreds of designs and unlimited ink colors since we are a custom made to order company. These production runs could last for short period of time ~10min or anywhere to multiple hours. From my experience with vision and the challenges we produce we are trying to find a print inspection solution where the software could easily learn the print with minimal operator involvement and inspect the material for print defects such as print voids. Some challenges to know is that we do not having any registration marks on our product so it is a continuous web print could be within 54-62" wide. If anyone has any solutions or ideas please let me know, thanks in advance!

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It should be possible to take your artwork file, parse it and use that to train a PC-Based vision system with line scan cameras to perform the inspection. A certain amount of upfront development would be required, but would be able to handle all of it, providing the sheen is consistent on the product. I would focus on finding a regional machine vision integrator that can give you the TLC this will need at the initial commissioning...