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Published on: 06/14/2018

Last Reply on: 07/26/2018

Category: Lighting Equipment

Technology: Vision

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Hello, Looking to detect a label(the borders) on a brown box in motion. Any suggestions as to which firm can give us a solution to that ?

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Anjanika - at first glance this seems like a fairly straightforward application. I can help you. I have some questions about the specifics of how the boxes are being handled and the label characteristics. Perhaps a short phone call to sort out the details of your requirements would be helpful.

Scott Gibbs from Mercator Robotec Inc | 06/14/2018

Hi Anjanika, We have very simple to use tools to solve these problems. You can see some example on our website at

David Darg from Matrox Imaging | 06/14/2018

Good afternoon Anganika. Smart Vision Lights has been supplying lighting solutions for this type of application for many years. We work with many of the largest Logistics companies in the world including Amazon, UPS and more to do just what you are asking for. We will help pull together a full solution. Please feel free to contact me. Best Regards,

Dave Spaulding from Smart Vision Lights | 07/26/2018