AI and Smart Automation Conference

Nov. 12-13, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia

Getting Started with AI & Smart Automation

Recorded during the Association for Advancing Automation’s recent AI & Smart Automation conference, these videos provide a high-level, realistic briefing from AI experts on the top use-cases for AI in manufacturing.


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Learn How AI Is Changing Automation

Welcome to Your Artificial Intelligence Hub

Photo to promote article: Ethics In Autonomous Industrial AI


Ethics in Autonomous Industrial AI: Tackling Bias and Data Privacy

Can we trust the decisions that an AI system makes? Are those decisions free of bias and ethically sound? Do we know how or why an autonomous agent has reached a conclusion? And do we know that the data that’s collected--especially personal data--is kept private and secure? READ MORE

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Artificial Intelligence and the AI Smackdown | August 1

Welcome to our AI Smackdown, a new format where we invite guests to talk about real stories of artificial intelligence in manufacturing from leading AI companies. We will discuss ROI, the challenges, the preparation, the homework and the different approaches to artificial intelligence in manufacturing. REGISTER FREE

Source: Invisible AI, Skyler Wuolle


Guide to AI Software

AI software is solving challenging problems for automation engineers. As more companies look to AI, here is what they need to know. READ MORE

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