The A3 Business Forum - A Sustainable Event

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) is working to transition the Business Forum into a more sustainably sourced event. We appreciate your support as we work to make our events have a positive impact on both our attendees and the world around us.


A sustainable or "green" event looks at all of the decisions and practices occurring within the specific event and takes measures to reduce the negative impacts on the environment.


A3 is taking several measures to make sure this event falls into the parameters of a green event while taking our attendee's experience into account as well. Some things that are changing are:

  • Attendee Check-In and Badge Printing On-Demand Preview your badge before it's printed! Update your name or title during the preview to help us avoid errors and reprinting waste.
  • No Printed Materials Use the mobile app to plan your schedule, network with attendees and have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips! A Live Agenda will be displayed in the general meeting area to help keep you on-time and show you what's coming up next!
  • Removal of Single Use Water Bottles, Plastic Cups, and Utensils Glassware and compostable cups will be available for you to stay hydrated at one of the many convenient water stations around the conference area.
  • Addition of Recycling Bins Around the Meeting Space Help us get trash where it needs to go by utilizing the recycling bins throughout the conference floor.
  • America's Second Harvest Any non-perishable food items left over from our event will be donated to Second Harvest America who will distribute the food to local food banks in Central Florida.
  • Trading Out Traditional Signs For Digital Signs Traditional cardboard or foamcore signs are used once and then thrown away. At the Business Forum, we will utilize digital signs to help our attendees to navigate the Forum while reducing our amount of waste.


  • Utilizing 100% recycled note pads
  • Pens made from recycled materials
  • Recycling bins in the meeting spaces
  • Fluorescent and energy efficient lighting throughout the meeting areas, public spaces, and guest rooms
  • Use of computerized energy management system to reduce electricity consumption
  • Interior filters are changed quarterly to improve air quality
  • China and flatware is used whenever possible in all areas to reduce paper waste
  • Low flow shower heads to reduce water consumption


  • Stay hydrated at the Forum with your A3 Water Bottle Instead of using plastic cups or single use water bottles, carry a reusable water bottle with you around the event. There will be several water stations placed throughout the meeting space and in the meeting rooms for you to stay hydrated all day long!
  • Utilize the Official Mobile App The Business Forum's mobile app is the best way to stay connected before, during and after the event. Connect with fellow attendees, send in-app messages, arrange meetings, and plan your schedule all through our secure app! For more information on using the mobile app with helpful tips and tricks, check out our mobile app page! The A3 Business Forum mobile app will be available to download in late November.
  • Green Linen Re-Use program The Green Linen Re-Use program encourages guests to reuse linens and towels during their stay. Guests who have opted into this program have saved the hotel 11-17% on hot water and sewage costs involved in laundering operations.
  • Remember Your Badge Your badge is your key to get into all of the conference sessions and helps fellow attendees to meet you! Help us to reduce the amount of reprinting waste by printing your badge once at the start of the conference and bringing it with you every day.


Associate your brand with sustainability by becoming the Green Sponsor at the A3 Business Forum! As an exclusive sponsorship, your brand will take center stage as we aim to make this event more environmentally sustainable each year. For more information on this and other sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jim Hamilton at or by phone at +1 (734) 994-6088.